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Three Doorways DarkBook #8 - Product Image


Three Doorways Dark
Book #8

After his adventure in Afghanistan, East Tennessee private investigator and FBI consultant, Donald Youngblood just wanted to relax and heal. Boredom is fast setting in when Mountain Center Country Club golf pro, Tony Price, asks Don to sponsor him in his attempt to qualify for the PGA National tournament; an arduous two tournament process played months apart. Tony also wants Youngblood's adopted daughter, Lacy, to caddy for him. Youngblood agrees, as does Lacy, and so begins a journey that could end up at one of golf's four major championships.

As fate would have it, Youngblood soon gets involved with a local congressman running for the U.S. Senate who has received a blackmail threat about a sex video that was made when he was in college. While Youngblood finds out if the threat is real or a bluff, a wealthy mother wants Youngblood to locate her daughter, who may, also, be involved in the blackmail plot.

In the meantime, halfway around the world, a professional sniper practices for a revenge kill. Who is his target? How does Donald Youngblood fit in?

With the aid of old friends and a talent for finding trouble at every turn, Youngblood must solve more than one mystery, and either one of them might get him killed.


 Price: $31.95