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Make your dining table the most memorable part of any meal with a Buie dinnerware set, or get accent pieces to add to your present set. All dishes are dishwasher, oven, & microwave safe, except the glass and pottery combination pieces. They are extremely hard to even chip, so use them everyday!

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8-inch Lunch Plates - Product Image

8-inch Lunch Plates

Dinner Plates - Product Image

Dinner Plates

Salad Bowl - Product Image

Salad Bowl

Cereal Bowl - Product Image

Cereal Bowl

10 ounce Mug - Product Image

10 ounce Mug

6 ounce Mug - Product Image

6 ounce Mug

14 ounce Mug - Product Image

14 ounce Mug

Stein 18 oz. - Product Image

Stein 18 oz.

Soup Mugs - Product Image

Soup Mugs

6 ounce Tumbler - Product Image

6 ounce Tumbler

14 ounce Tumbler - Product Image

14 ounce Tumbler

Pie Pan - Product Image

Pie Pan