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Three Divers DeepBook #7 - Product Image


Three Divers Deep
Book #7

Don Youngblood was enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning. Then, his previous boss from New York phoned for a favor. A belly dancer is missing and a financial hotshot employee is lovesick and under-performing. Youngblood's Mission: Find the missing belly dancer. Problem: A male witch (warlock to some) is also looking for the belly dancer.
A few days later, a call for help from a previous local client whose granddaughter has been kidnapped and Youngblood's life is anything but peaceful. A kidnapping, serial killer clown and a sleaze-bag from the past who has seemingly risen from the dead are all part of a second case; one that leads Youngblood through a labyrinth of clues and dead ends to a shocking and deadly conclusion in the desert of New Mexico.
Three Divers Deep proves to be another crackling entry in the Donald Youngblood Mystery Series.

signed by author Keith Donnelly
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