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The Christmas StrangerA Youngblood StoryBook #2 - Product Image


The Christmas Stranger
A Youngblood Story
Book #2

The Christmas Stranger - A Youngblood Story

Having dodged more than one bullet in his last bold adventure, Donald Youngblood does not find his next mystery wrapped in a big case, but rather in a mysterious stranger. Thanksgiving has recently passed and Christmas is fast approaching. A chance encounter with a very unusual young man at a local biker bar leads Youngblood on a road of discovery. Who is this stranger in town? He seems to be the source of all kinds of positive, unique and unexplainable occurrences in Mountain Center, but is he too good to be true? Youngblood is obsessed to find out.

From a small town in North Carolina to a return trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, the facts that Youngblood uncovers about Mountain Center's new visitor make less and less sense. But in uncovering the identify of this seemingly spirit filled man, Youngblood and his wife Mary discover the true meaning of Christmas and awaken a long-lost and forgotten faith.


 Price: $26.95