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Moving TargetA Youngblood StoryBook #1 - Product Image


Moving Target
A Youngblood Story
Book #1

MOVING TARGET - A Youngblood Story

At the behest of the President of the United States, Donald Youngblood, private investigator and FBI consultant, finds himself thrown into his most dangerous mission yet.

Top secret, highly encrypted, government files are missing with information that could put American lives at risk and set the spy game back years. The stolen files are believed to be on the market for sale to the highest bidder. All the evidence points to the files having been stolen by a retired CIA agent.

The President, fearing a mole inside the White House, enlists outsider Youngblood to track down the agent and bring back the files before the encryption can be broken. Youngblood puts together a team of trained and experienced friends and heads out of the country only to discover the files are not where the President thought they were.

Racing against the clock is nothing new for Youngblood, but in chasing the files halfway around the world, he encounters more than one major setback and continuous danger at every turn.


 Price: $25.95