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The Cajun Circle A Youngblood StoryBook #3 - NEW! - Product Image


The Cajun Circle
A Youngblood Story
Book #3 - NEW!

NEW! THE CAJUN CIRCLE - A Youngblood Story

April Lake is missing. When Donald Youngblood is persuaded by a desperate mother to look for her missing daughter, little does Youngblood know that the trail of an apparent runaway will lead him into the dark and sinister world of human trafficking, facilitated by a criminal organization known as The Cajun Circle.

To make matters worse Youngblood is racing the clock; trying to find the teenager before she is swallowed whole by a business so evil that it will consume her to the point of no return.

With the aid of a small-town police detective, an FBI ally known only as Wolf, and ex-CIA agent Henry Cole, Youngblood uses all the resources at his disposal to bring April Lake home.

From a small town in Alabama, to the bright lights of New Orleans, to the luxurious decadence of Cancun, Youngblood follows a trail of greed and deviant behavior to extract the ultimate revenge and save a girl from a life of sexual slavery.


 Price: $27.95